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Italian Mirror.

Description: Italian carved giltwood Mirror. XIX Century.

Location: MAISON FELICE. 73960 El Paseo, Palm Desert. CA.

Beginning stage:

1. Accumulation of debris and dust.
2. Some part are unglued.
3. Glues and nails that are foreign to the piece were found.
4. There is gold color paint over wood and gold leaf.
5. Pieces glued in incorrect places.

There is great evidence of a horrible attempt to “restore” the mirror so awful  that it added to the damage of it, particularly to the original gold.


1. Removal of nails and glue that are foreign to the mirror.
2. Application of rabbit skin glue to both unglued and unstable pieces.
3. The pieces that were glued in incorrect sections were placed and glued back in place of origin.


4. The entire surface was cleaned thus eliminating all of the gold paint.
5. The section that was damaged with the gold paint was regilded.

6. Application of new varnished to protect the gold.



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