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Dressing Table

Description: Louis XV walnut dressing table. XVIII Century.

Location: MAISON FELICE. 73960 El Paseo, Palm Desert. CA.

Beginning stage: The table shows one of the outer covers, which is a product of the tensions of wood with humidity and heat. Bronze shooters, some are loose, and have rust stains. A crack in the top table is visible. The internal compartments have some stains, others have splinters and others are desiccated.

1. Sizing and adjustment of the desized lid.
Sizing and sanding of internal compartments. Waxing the same to make them more pleasant to the touch.

French polishing the interiors of the lids and cleaning the exteriors.
Adjust and polish the bronze handles.

The slit of the lid that holds the mirror we determine not to treat it, because it does not affect the structure of the furniture, and is in the top plating. It is glued underneath to prevent tears, it is not sanded and is not reshaped so as not to affect the old French polishing, and the plating is not changed so that the furniture does not lose its originality.


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