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A Splendid Bedroom Set Restoration.

Description: Art Deco Style Bedroom Set.
Made in 1930s of solid wood, with exotic veneers creating the classic Art Deco mirror pattern. The straight forms are enhanced with elegant curves covered with glued paper, imitating veneer. This technique is known as “découpage”. The set had never been restored.

Location: Private Collection. Torrance, Los Angeles.

Beginning stage:
Accumulated dirt, especially in the drawers and headboard due constant contact with hands.

2. The chest has a crack in the right lower part, which is missing a wheel.
3. Veneer is missing in some parts and is loose in others.


4. Some water marks and other spilled products are visible which have caused the varnish to rise and the stain to fade.
5. The decorative paper appears torn in various sections.

1. Cleaning of all furniture, especially in the dirtiest areas.

Cleaning. Before and after.

2. Gluing of the loose veneer and replacement of missing veneer.
3. Arrangement of the crack and fixing the wheel.
4. Sanding of vanity surfaces due to severe original varnish deteroration.

Sanding, Staining and Varnishing

5. Retouching the decoupage, following the pattern of the missing parts.
6. Correction of the stain.

7. Varnishing the surface.
8. Waxing.
9. Polishing of bronze handles.



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