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A Splendid Table de Milieu Restoration.

Description: Regence Style Giltwood Table de Milieu. First Half of XVIII Century.

Location: Maison Felice. Palm Desert.

Beginning stage:

1. Accumulated dirt
2. Several spots painted with glitter.

3. Some parts of the stucco were missing or loose.
4. One loose leg.

Cleaning and removal of all glitter.
2. Consolidation of loose stucco.

3. Application of new stucco where missing.
5. Original gold retouching by means “shell gold” technique.
6. Gold burnishing.
8. Application of a patina.





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  1. Lovely work. I was so lucky to have found them. My furniture that had been terribly damaged by movers was brought back to life. Highly recommend their artistic and thoughtful work. Mary Stewart, Palm Desert


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