A Nice Dinning Table Refinishing.

Description: Oak Dinning Table. Circa 1940. Location: Private Collection. Long Beach, Calfornia. Beginning stage: 1. Acumulated dirt. 2. Varnish was worn out in some areas. Task: 1. Professional cleaning. 2. […]

A Splendid Table de Milieu Restoration.

Description: Regence Style Giltwood Table de Milieu. First Half of XVIII Century. Location: Maison Felice. Palm Desert. Beginning stage: 1. Accumulated dirt 2. Several spots painted with glitter. 3. Some […]

A Gorgeous Chaise Lounge Gilding.

Description: XVIII Century French Chaise Lounge. Location: Indian Wells, California. Beginning stage: 1. Accumulated dirt 2. Several spots painted with glitter. 3. Some parts of the stucco were missing or […]

An Amazing Chest Restoration.

Description: Chest. Made in 1920s in tigeroak wood. Location: Private Collection. Orange County. Beginning stage: 1. The furniture has a thick layer of dirty caused by the normal use. 2. The […]

An Enchanting Piano Restoration.

Description: Beautiful piano made by Winter & Co. Musette Model. It was made between 1937-1938. This piano is embellished with precious walnut veneer and an amazing carved decoration on the […]

A Splendid Bedroom Set Restoration.

Description: Art Deco Style Bedroom Set. Made in 1930s of solid wood, with exotic veneers creating the classic Art Deco mirror pattern. The straight forms are enhanced with elegant curves […]

A Beautiful Candlesticks Restoration.

Description: Pair of italian baroque altar candlesticks. Late XVII or early XVIII century. Location: Maison Felice. Palm Desert. Beginning stage: 1. Accumulated dirt 2. A thick layer of black wax. […]

A Beautiful Chest-Cabinet Restoration.

Description: American Style Chest-Cabinet. Made in 1850s in walnut combined with veneers of other woods, creating beautiful patterns. Outstanding the elegance of its straight lines combined with simple, but beautiful, […]

A Fireplace Restoration.

Description: Art Noveau Style Fireplace. Location: Restaurant “Las Casuelas”. Palm Springs.   Beginning stage: 1. Generalized dirt, increased by smoke from the chimney. 2. Stain and varnish are missing in […]

Astonishment Harp Gilding.

Description: Historical Harp. Location: Private Coleccion. Los Angeles. The Piece: This harp was made by Sebastien Erard who was the harp maker (and piano maker) to the french and russian royal families […]

Sideboard & Buffet Refurbishing.

Description: Elegant Colonial Style Sideboard & Buffet. XX Century. Location: Palm Desert, CA. Private Collection. Beginning stage: 1. General dirt. 2. Two drawers stucked. 3. Stain and varnish are missing in several parts. Task: 1. […]

Sofa Restoration.

Description: Beautiful French Sofa. XVIII Century Location: Palm Desert, CA. Private Collection. Beginning stage: 1. Three loose legs. 2. The two arms are loose. 3. Presence of screws and nails due to […]

PHILCO Radio Restoration.

Description: A 1947 PHILCO Radio. Location: Hungtinton Beach, CA. Private Collection. Beginning stage: 1. Damage caused by humidity, proximity to a source of heat and accumulated dirt. 2. Stain and varnish missing.   […]

Refinishing Desk.

Description: Oak Desk. Location: Palm Desert, CA. Private Collection. Beginning stage: The entire desk has been varnished whit a red varnish that hides the natural wooden grain. The varnish is cracked in […]


Oval Service Table. Beautiful service table with engrave bronze surface. Location: Palm Desert, CA. Private Collection. STATE: 1. The legs has many signs of damage. 2. Two of the legs on […]

Victorian Cabinets Refinishing.

Refinishing a pair of Victorian Cabinets. Circa 1900’s. Location: Delanys Antiques. Rancho Mirage, CA. Beginning stage: 1. Loss of stain in some areas. 2. Accumulated dirt. 3. Missing parts. Task: 1. Cleaning. […]