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A Beautiful Chest-Cabinet Restoration.

Description: American Style Chest-Cabinet.
Made in 1850s in walnut combined with veneers of other woods, creating beautiful patterns. Outstanding the elegance of its straight lines combined with simple, but beautiful, details carved in wood.

Location: Private Collection. Orange County.

Beginning stage:

1. The furniture has many coats of varnish that have formed a thick layer of dirt.
2. The varnish is cracked all over the surface.
3. One front leg is missing.


1. Deep cleaning, removing the layers of varnish until reach the first varnishing.

2. Carving of the missing leg.

3. Stain correction.
4. Polishing of hardware.

5. Application of stain to cover imperfections and to match the new wood.
6. New varnish application.
7. Waxing.








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